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Protecting and firestopping doors

Jansen provides excellent materials in the field of traditional and protecting doors as well. One of them is, for example, ECONOMY 50 profile system, which is suitable for production elegant door systems closing in a plane. E60 labelled smoke- and flame-free doors are to stop spreading smoke and frames.


Jansen ECONOMY 50 E60 can be built into the transparent building parts economically as one- or two-winged doors /supplied with side parts and/or upper lights/ or dividing walls. The built-in depth of the door-frames and wings is only 50 mm. Door profiles closing in a plane are produced with inner and outer shade-stuffing. In case of fire a double bumper stuffing with very low flammability blocks the way of the fire.

Doors can be produced in normal, fire-proof and burglar-proof versions as well. The latter has MABISZ certification, while the fireproof doors are qualified by Építésügyi Minőségellenőrző Innovációs Kht. /Construction Quality Checking Innovative Society/.

Our firm undertakes production of individual protecting and fireproof doors, using Jansen profiles. Among the options there is a model with stainless steel cover outside and inside, strengthened with 12 mm burglar-stopping bars in the middle /during official tests this model resisted to mechanical effects derived from flex, stretcher and hammer for 12 minutes/ or another model strengthened with sheets and possibly fitted with shot-proof glass.