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Tempered safety glass

Tempered safety glass

It is advisable to use tempered glass in all situations when there is a danger of getting injured, even seriously, from big sharp or pointed splinters of the broken glass. When tempered safety glass is broken, it produces only tiny glass crumbs, which cannot cause serious injuries. Besides reducing dangers of an accident, the mechanical qualities of tempered safety glass are much better of the parameters of similar non-tempered glass, especially flexibility and strength. This fact provides long-term safe usage, too. Possible applications: public institutions, sport centres, windows and doors, built-in structures with no frames, outside glasses of attic windows, etc.

Glued safety glass

After breaking, glued safety glass will not fall apart, because the laminated material within ( PVB, EVA layer or synthetic rosin) prevents it. There are no sharp splinters and the broken glass plate stays at its place if it is properly fixed, which reduces the danger of falling out. Glued safety glass can be made of non-tempered or tempered glass. The latter can be effective with its extraordinary mechanical properties. Possible applications: inner side of attic windows, inner side of isolating glass installed on the floor-line; in the case of tempered laminated glass: pre-roofs, walking surfaces, stairs, bars, etc.

Fire-proof glass

Fire-proof glass is made of special material and can be divided into two groups:
G - it prevents spreading of fire for 30 - 120 minutes
F - it prevents spreading of fire and heat for 30 - 120 minutes

Fireproof glass is suitable for building into glass units with special isolation, too.