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Portals and curtain walls


In order to provide excellent quality, the main standpoint in the area of portals and curtain walls for our firm is reliability. That is why we use the well-known and acknowledged materials of Jansen firm in producing portals and curtain walls. Up-to-date steel profiles of the several-decade-old Swiss Jansen firm are excellent for creating elegant forms and innovative solutions.


Their wide variety makes it possible to create solutions according to different and individual demands. Heat-bridge profiles are suitable for separating walls and internal portals, while heat-bridge-free ones can be used for external walls. The profiles are burned, they have powder-spray paint coat in colours according to customers demands. The Jansen profile systems can be excellently used in such crowded buildings as schools and homes, sports and recreation centres, stations, industrial and service buildings.

We produce gates, windows and curtain walls with Jansen-style profiles. Industrial preparation makes it simple, timesaving and economical to use these profiles. The internal supporting mechanism has 50 and 60 mm wide profiles and different /max. 150 mm/ building depth and can be joined together with screws or welding. The advantage of welded structures is that they allow systemized pre-production of curtain walls or glass roofs with even large surfaces in the workshop. This way, even the more complicated parts and special forms can be accurately produced. Screwed system can also be quickly and firmly joined together with the help of T-joints. The combination of the two ways of production is also possible. VISS TV profile systems used for vertical curtain walls are special for their isolation. They are produced with flat stuffing lying almost in the plane of the steel profile.

Good heat-division is essential in many buildings. VISS-NV /silicon-glassing/ is a two-crusted heat-bridge-free curtain wall system /for glassing vertical, inclined, pyramid-like and balcony-like large surfaces/, which can easily solve the problem of division.